Why do high heels hurt?

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Wearing heels hurt. But why do they hurt?

Simply put, our feet are made to be flat but not at an angle as heels forces us to. The elevated heel has impacts like, 

  • Entire weight acting on the balls of the foot
  • Shortened Achilles tendon
  • Shift in center of gravity. Additional stress on lower back and knees
  • Not utilizing our natural shock absorber, arches of the foot

These along with other factors like narrow toe box, improper fitting etc. makes the entire experience a painful one. The longer you wear, the more painful you experience has been.

How can we solve the pain caused by wearing heels?

Simple. By adding what was never available. Shock Absorption.

Even a minimal shock absorption in heels can help change the effects of high heels while still preserving the look and appeal. 

Heel designs haven't changed in over a century. They are all the same no matter the price and material you choose to go with. THEY ALL HURT. it is about time to change and evolve in the way high heels has been.

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